What is a Modifier Set?
A Modifier Set works by associating or applying it to a set of items in store.

  1. To apply a Modifier Set to Items begin by navigating to Catalog > Modifiers
  2. Tap on one of the Modifier Sets to apply it.
  3. Toggle on Allow Single Choice Only to have user select only one choice for example a Pizza Cheese modifier set with 3 modifier options; Cheese Blend, Extra Cheese and Parmesan Romano, the user can only pick a single choice. 
  4. Use Applies To field to designate the items the Modifier set will apply to.

5. Proceed to select the Items to apply or associate with the Modifier Set,
6. And then tap SAVE


  • You can also manage Modifiers and Modifier Sets by using the Web Dashboard as described here.
  • While existing Modifier Sets are visible to all users, adding, changing or deleting Modifier Sets is restricted to the accounts that have been granted the permission to do so by the store admin.

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