Accept Checks, Gift cards, Banks Transfers, and Other Tender when processing payments.

There’s no fee to accept payments. When you accept payments, Krossroads doesn’t process any funds and functions only as an organizational tool. Money for these transactions is exchanged directly between you and your customer and will not be transferred by Krossroads.

You will need to customize your checkout screen to set what Payment Methods will be available on checkout when processing transactions.

  1. To accept and process payments begin by navigating to Checkout
  2. From the list of Items, tap an item to add it to the Cart.
  3. Proceed to tap the CHARGE button to checkout or complete transaction

4. You will be redirected to the Charge Amount page. Proceed to select or tap your preferred payment option to process payment.

5. A transaction receipt section will be generated. Have your customer select their receipt delivery method i.e you can email or print them a receipt.

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