What is an Item?
To add or create a new item,

  1. Begin by navigating to Catalog > Items
  2. Tap the Add Item button (this button is only available if the Store does not have any existing Items), or tap the (+) button at the bottom of the screen. 

3. Go ahead to fill the Item Name
4. Enter Item Price
5. Enter Item Cost
6. Toggle on Show List Price Discount In Receipt
7. Use the Category field to designate the category the item will belong to.
8. On the Barcode field, enter manually Item UPC/ean/ISBN number or tap the scan icon to scan the Item Barcode.
9. Enter the item SKU. An SKU (Store keeping Unit) is a code or unique identifier for a store Item.
10. Enter the Stock quantity. Stock refers to the number of a particular item available in the store.
11. In the presentations field, Choose Label Color. The color is used to visually represent the item on the screen and in charts.
12. Use Images field to take or choose item images
13. Add a brief item Description,
14. Under the Status field designate the item status as either active or disabled. If active, the item will be available for sale.
15. And finally, tap SAVE


  • The Name and Price fields are compulsory, the rest of the fields are optional.
  • While existing Items are visible to all users, adding, changing or deleting Items is restricted to the accounts that have been granted the permission to do so by the store admin. 
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