What is a Tax?
You can apply a Tax to all items, select items or even exempt all items. When a new Tax is created, it does not apply to any item unless it is associated with the item(s)

  1. To apply a Tax to items, begin by navigating to Settings > Taxes
  2. Tap on one of the listed Taxes to apply it to items.
  3. Use 'Applies To' field to designate the items the tax will apply to.

4. Select the items the Tax will apply to as shown below.
       a) Tax All_ implies the tax will apply to all items in store.
       b) Exempt All _ Means all items will be exempted from the tax.
       c) Specific Items _The tax will only apply to selected items.

5. Then tap the back button and proceed to SAVE the changes.

While existing Taxes are visible to all users, adding, changing or deleting Taxes is restricted to the accounts that have been granted the permission to do so by the store admin. 

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