If you don't already have a Stripe account or card reader, please see instructions on how to acquire both.

The first step in the Stripe setup process is to link your Stripe account to the Krossroads POS. This will then enable Krossroads POS to process card payments using your Stripe account. Once connected, the card payments transactions processed via the Krossroads POS will then automatically appear your Stripe Dashboard.

The following in the procedure to connect your Stripe account to Krossroads POS 

  1. Open the Krossroads POS app and navigate to Settings > Stripe
  2.  Tap on the setting for  Stripe Payment Processing

    3. Tap on the Create New Stripe Connection button

   4. You will be presented with a screen informing you that Krossroads POS would like to connect to your Stripe account. Click on the button to Sign in with Stripe to connect.  

5. Proceed to sign in to your Stripe account.

6.  Select the Stripe account you want to use for payment processing ( if you have more than one account), then click on the Connect my Stripe account button

7.  A confirmation message will be displayed, indicating that the connection to your Stripe account has been completed successfully.

Once you have linked your Stripe account to Krossroads POS, you can proceed to attach a Stripe Terminal card reader.  


  • If you have multiple users setup in your Krossroads POS store, you only need to complete the linking to Stripe once. Once the initial Stripe connection has been established, subsequent POS users in the same store can select the existing connection.

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