About Stripe Payments

Connecting to your Stripe account

Once you have linked your Stripe account to Krossroads POS, you can proceed to attach a Stripe Terminal BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader to accept in-person card payments.

The Stripe Terminal  card reader can only be attached to one device at a time. Before attempting to attach a card reader, make sure it is on and not connected to another device.

The following is the procedure to attach the Stripe Terminal card reader:

  1. Within the Krossroads POS app, navigate to Settings > Stripe Payment Processing
  2. Tap on the setting for  Stripe Payment Processing
  3. Ensure you have a currently active connection to your Stripe account

4. Ensure that your BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader is on and is not connected to another device.

5. Tap on the Discover Card Readers option

6. The android device will detect any nearby BBPOS Chipper 2X BT card readers and display each of them in a list. Tap on the reader you would like to connect to.

7. Krossroads POS will complete the connection process and display the details of the connected card reader on completion.

Once the connection to the card reader has been established, you can now proceed to process in-person card payments. 


  1. Once you have attached a card reader to your device, Krossroads POS will automatically re-connect to the card reader the next time the Krossroads POS app is started. This means that if you turn off your device then turn it back on, you don't need to manually attach the card reader again.  The connection will be re-established automatically as long as the card reader is powered on and not attached to another device.

    However, if the card reader is subsequently connected to a different device, the procedure above will need to be executed again to re-establish the connection to the card reader.
  2. For more details on how to operate the BPOS Chipper 2X BT card reader, please see https://stripe.com/docs/terminal/readers/bbpos-chipper2xbt
  3. If you attempt to connect to a card reader but the attempt is not successful despite the card reader being shown in the list of available devices:
  • Ensure that the card reader is not already connected to another device.
  • Press on the power button on the card reader in case the card reader has entered standby mode 
  • Ensure that the card reader is sufficiently charged 

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