New transactions are created by populating a cart which is subsequently processed into a transaction when payment is received. The Cart contains the Items, Discounts, Modifiers, and Taxes that make up a transaction.

Assuming that no Cart currently exists, you can start a new Cart by simply selecting an Item to be added to the cart.

  1. Navigate to the Checkout page
  2. From the list of Items, tap an item to add it to the Cart. A Cart is automatically created when the first item is added. After adding an item to the Cart, you can also use the quantity popup to increase or decrease the Item quantity.

If a prior Cart already exists, you can start another Cart by using the New Cart menu option.

  1. Navigate to the Checkout page
  2. Tap the menu option

3. Select the "New Cart" option. The prior cart will be saved and a new empty cart will be created. You can then start adding Items to the new cart.

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