During the checkout process, you can add Catalog Items to the Cart and you can also add ad-hoc Custom Amounts to the Cart. Using Custom Amounts allows you to specify any numeric amount without having to first create a Catalog Item.

Once a Custom Amount is added to the Cart, it is treated like any other cart item i.e.

  1. Discounts applied to the cart will also be applied to the Custom Amount
  2. You can increase and decrease the quantity of the Custom Amount.
  3. You can customize the Custom Amount and indicate taxes and discounts that will apply to the individual Custom Amount
  4. You can assign a Note to a Custom Amount

Note however that Custom Amounts cannot be associated with Modifiers. Modifiers can only be applied to Catalog Items.

To add a custom amount:

1. Navigate to the Checkout screen
2. On the Top Navigation bar, tap on Keypad button

3. When the numeric keypad appears, proceed to type in a custom amount
4. Tap the [+] key to add the custom amount to the cart. If you need to add multiple Custom Amounts, you can type each, followed by the [+] key.
5. After you have entered all the desired Custom Amounts, you can swipe down on the Keypad to dismiss it or tap the [X] close button on the top left of the keypad.

After adding a Custom Amount to the cart, see how to View and Modify a Custom Cart Amount.

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